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Woman’s horror after sewage starts seeping through her walls

A woman claims that her home has become unlivable after sewage leaked through walls and flooded back up into her toilet.

The 45-year-old, who did not wish to be named, has moved out to a friend’s house after sewerage pipes from the upstairs property that flow through her flat started leaking.

She believes faults with a pumping station on the Lakeside development in Waddington have made the problem worse because sewage backs up in the street and then backs up into her toilet.

The Pitsford Close resident said: “I moved out on June 2 because it’s not fit to live in.

“My upstairs neighbour’s sewage pipes come down through my flat. These pipes aren’t watertight and it’s leaking through the boxed in pipes.
“This problem has been happening on and off for six months and it’s getting worse.

“There’s a sewerage pumping station on the estate that trips out and sewage backs up down the street and fills my toilet with foul water.
“I’m staying with my friend, but I can’t be there forever.
“I have to walk where the sewage ingress is to get to and from the bathroom.”
The woman rents her flat, built by Beal Homes, from Waterloo Housing Association.

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