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Tenant Shane slams landlord after leaking roof leaves his damp looking like this

Disgruntled tenant Shane Scragg has been locked in a five-month dispute with his landlord – after complaining about the state of his home.
The 31-year-old says his four-year-old Cellarhead flat is riddled with damp problems, plaster is falling off the walls and a leak in the ceiling soaks the carpet in the communal hall.

The father-of-three has been highlighting the problems to social housing landlord Your Moorlands since January.
There are six flats within the Cherry Gardens complex.

He said: “Since the start of the year I have emailed and called them to fix the problems – and all they can tell me is that the work is quite extensive.
“I have lived here since the flats were built and it shouldn’t be like this.

“The carpet is soaking wet when it rains and it has been like this since Christmas. There is damp around the flat and in the communal area and mouldy plaster is falling off the wall.

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