Do you have a family member, neighbour or friend experiencing damp, mould, and housing disrepair in their social housing property?

With our help, you may be able to improve their living standards! We are offering the chance for you to gain £50 Amazon vouchers to each person who successfully recommends a tenant of social housing who is struggling with housing disrepair – all you have to do is help us, help them.

Start your claim

Community is essential to our way of life in the UK.

Community binds us together and makes us stronger in the face of injustice. Our goal at Disrepair Claims is to simply help people to live in a comfortable environment, and unfortunately for some, that means fighting against social housing organisations to ensure that essential works are carried out to guarantee a tenant’s safety as well as happiness within their homes.

If you know of anyone struggling to get their housing association or council to carry out fundamental repairs, we urge you to contact them to get in touch with us. The person that you have referred to us should mention your name and telephone number upon point of contact.

Urge your family member, neighbour or friend to contact us as soon as possible

Make sure you ask the person you are recommending to contact us quoting your name.

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