Disrepair Claims

Disrepair Claims

Renting from Council or Housing Association?

Suffering with Damp, Mould, Leaks?

You could be eligible to claim up to £10,000** in compensation & repairs.

Fill out the form below, chat to Alice or call our specialist housing experts now and start your claim today!


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For a FREE no obligation assessment and check if you have a claim – You may be entitled to claim up to 10,000 in compensation and repairs fixed.
We DO NOT charge you for our services. Our service is an assessment of your Housing Disrepair. We are paid a recommendation fee at the point at which your claim is deemed successful by the solicitors handling it. You are not required to use a claims management company to make your complaint and can make the claim yourself for free, either by complaining directly to the council/housing association first and then by making a complaint to a housing complaint service such as The Housing Ombudsman https://www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk/
Disrepair Claims

You are legally entitled to live in a safely maintained property.

Disrepair Claims are a claims management company and we have been helping council and housing association tenants for many years live in homes that are fit for purpose.

If you’re renting accommodation, your landlord must make sure that your home is fit to be lived in on the day they let it to you. 

Tenants who are living in a poor conditions, such as damp and mould, leaks, structural issues etc. can pursue a disrepair claim against their landlord.

Landlords are legally responsible by law to ensure the property that they are renting is fit for purpose and meets required health and safety standards.

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Get in touch with us. Our highly trained housing team have years of experience dealing with housing disrepair claims. 

Together we will assess your situation and the circumstances to give you the best help you need to move forward with your housing disrepair claim.


Find your legal representation. It’s crucial to obtain the best solicitor who will fight your corner from the outset. 

Our panel of solicitors have been successfully winning housing disrepair claims for years, some in fact since 1984.


Agree a settlement. However difficult to predict it is, our panel solicitors will fight to gain you the full compensation you deserve. 

And will also ensure repairs are carried out in a reasonable time and to an excellent standard.

Disrepair Claims

Seeking Guidance

Navigating the process of finding a solicitor can be overwhelming, especially when pursuing compensation for housing disrepair.

At Disrepair Claims, we are unwavering in our dedication to ensuring your access to justice.

Disrepair Claims will connect you with a recommended solicitor who can assist in completing your home repairs and securing the maximum compensation you deserve.

Throughout your legal journey, our team of specialist solicitors will provide steadfast support and guidance.

Getting help

It can be very distressing time when your landlord refuses to repair your home. 

All landlords have a legal obligation to maintain the structure and exterior of your home to a reasonable standard of repair for example:

 the walls, roof, foundations, drains, guttering, external pipes, windows, external doors, basins, sinks, baths, toilets and their pipework, water and gas pipes, electrical wiring, water tanks, boilers, radiators, gas fires, fitted electric fires or fitted heaters.

Disrepair Claims

Housing team

Our specialist panel of solicitors collect the facts about the disrepair and consider if your landlord is in breach of their tenancy agreement.

The Solicitors will then carry out an initial assessment of your case, instruct a professional surveyor to complete a report identifying repairs, and request the landlord to complete repairs within an agreed timeframe.

Consideration will be given to injuries or ill-health resulting from the disrepair, as well as any additional losses such as damage to clothing, carpets, furniture, etc

Start your claim
Disrepair Claims

Call our experts today on

Our panel solicitors collectively have vast experience working in the area of Housing Disrepair Law and have been winning disrepair claims for many years. 

Your legal journey as a tenant is ensured to be excellent, and your property will be repaired to a high standard.

Our Solicitors will also fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Start your claim today! could be eligible to claim up to £10,000 in compensation & repairs.

Why choose us?

Disrepair Claims

Disrepair Claims Online are a claims management company and have been helping tenants in England and Wales for many years. 

Our panel Solicitors have helped 1000’s of tenants get their homes fixed and have recovered compensation  following a housing disrepair claim on a “*No Win No Fee*” basis.

No Win, No Fee* – Means It means that if your compensation claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay a fee for your Solicitor’s services. 

*If you cancel the claim after the cooling-off period of 14 days you may be charged a cancellation fee by the solicitor. 

*If your claim is successful, your solicitor will charge you a fee that is deducted from your compensation. 

Typically a customers pay 25% including VAT of any successful claim. The amount you pay will be dependent on your individual circumstances.


Disrepair Claims

What mould can do to your health

It is important to know that if you’ve Inhaling mould fragments or spores this can inflame the airways, causing nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation. 

Prolonged exposure to high levels of indoor dampness can reduce lung function and cause chronic health problems such as asthma.

In some cases, mould in your home can make you sick. Whether or not you’re allergic to moulds, mould exposure can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs.

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Renting a poorly maintained property?

Fill out the form below, chat to Alice or call our specialist housing experts now and start your claim today!

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