Disrepair Claims

Mum who’s been moved four times blasts Clarion over ‘shocking’ state of its home

A single mother has been forced to move home four times by her housing association due to “major disrepair issues” in each property.

Samantha Trent has had mushrooms sprouting off furniture, subsidence, “ice cold” bedrooms and floorboards she couldn’t walk on for fear they’d collapse beneath her.

In recent years the postal worker has been shunted from flats in Tufnell Park Road, to Penn Road, then Hungerford Road.
As of April, she’s been living in a Shaftesbury Road flat with windows painted and nailed shut and suspected asbestos. Clarion has apologised for this “highly unusual case”.

But Samantha, who pays £140 a week in rent and gets £40 in housing benefit, told the Gazette: “It’s shocking because I shouldn’t have been living in any of the properties. I’m suffering from depression and this is making me feel really ill. I feel really deflated and let down. All I’m doing is calling and repeating myself but nothing’s happening.”

The 43-year-old claims she’s taken all her annual leave waiting for repair workers who either don’t turn up or cancel last minute.

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