Disrepair Claims

‘It’s depressing living in damp’, claims Tulse Hill estate residents


According to https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/Residents on an estate have been waiting for more than a year for landlords to fix their mouldy and damp living conditions after a town hall ordered an investigation into the properties.

More than 50 tenants on the St Martin’s Estate in Tulse Hill have complained about serious damp and mould problems in their accommodation, which they say affects their health and quality of life. Gary Downey, a tenant of the estate, says he has suffered the financial and emotional cost of living in a damp flat for 16 years.

He said: “Had the housing associations acted earlier, the survey could have been completed by now.

“Every complaint feels like a battle – there is usually no response.” “It’s the same old story from all of them, ‘old buildings have issues, open your windows more, close the door when you use the shower, put lids on pans when cooking, don’t dry clothes indoors, use the fitted extractor fans’.

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