How to get your landlord to fix damp or mould as thousands of renters live in unsafe homes

HUNDREDS of thousands of renters in England are living in damp, rotten and unsafe homes, according to new research.
While a third of landlords find it hard to keep up with changing rules and regulations, which means they don’t know their legal obligations, according to Citizens Advice. 

Citizens Advice is calling for a single national body to set standards for the private renting sector.
Three in five tenants (60 per cent) identified disrepair in their home in the last two years that was not caused by them and that their landlord was responsible for fixing. And one in six said that this disrepair posed a major threat to health and safety.

Gillian Guy, of Citizens Advice, said: “Too many private renters live in hazardous homes – often with potentially fatal flaws.
“Weak and confusing regulation means landlords can struggle to understand their legal obligations, while tenants find it hard to get problems in their homes resolved.
“The government must establish a national housing body to ensure landlords let property that meet legal standards and gives renters the support they need when they don’t.” 

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baby turned blue because the toxic mould in our house in so bad he can’t breathe – but housing association refused to fix it

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