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Guidance for tenants: Fitness for human habitation Act 2018 and what are your tenant rights.

If you are living in a rented house or flat, then this guide will help you understand your rights under the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act.

This guide is for people who:

  • rent privately
  • rent from a housing association; or
  • rent from their local council
What’s the new Law? 
On the 20th March 2019 a new law came into force specially to protect the rights of tenants and to ensure that any rented accommodation are fit for humans to live which means safe from any harm.

There are a lot of landlords that follow these rules, however there are some that don’t and this means that some tenants are living in dangerous unhealthy homes.

This new law that has come into force will help tenants ensure that landlords who do not comply with the new rules are held accountable.

It rented flats and house do not meet the required standards ( fit for human habitation ) then tenants have a legal right to take their landlord to court which means the landlord must fix the property and pay the tenant compensation.

What does it mean for me?

Landlords must make sure that your home is ’fit for human habitation’, which means that it’s safe, healthy and free from things that could cause you or anyone else in your household serious harm. For example, damp and mould growth. The Homes Act applies to any tenancy with a fixed term of less than 7 years.

So is you are renting from a council or housing association and are suffering with damp and mould issues get in touch with us today about making a claim for compensation and repairs on 0800 368 9181

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