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Croydon council ‘lacked care and respect for tenants’ report finds following ITV News housing mould investigation

Read below one of the latest damming articles on Croydon Council and how they have left their tenants in such terrible conditions.

According to https://www.itv.com/news/2021-05-07/croydon-council-lacked-care-and-respect-for-tenants-report-finds-following-itv-news-housing-mould-investigation

Croydon council’s housing department operated with “a poor operating culture with a lack of care and respect for tenants” resulting in accommodation being left in terrible conditions, a damning report has concluded. 

An independent report into the failings of Croydon council has found they put the health of residents at risk through a lack of competence and care.

Senior managers at the council were described as not knowing what was going on and that tenants had been complaining since 2017 but their complaint were left “unresolved”.

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