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Collapsed Ceilings, Mice and Mould

Collapsed Ceilings, Mice and Mould

Another example of appalling conditions that are uncovered across an entire housing estate of nearly 500 homes. 

According to ITV News and reporter Daniel Hewitt there is another crisis in the wake of one of the largest housing associations in the UK who are allowing tenants to suffer appalling living conditions such as rats and mice, damp and mould and collapsed ceilings. 

Clarion Housing have admitted it has failed many tenants across an entire housing estate of nearly 500 homes in Mitcham, South London.

ITV News found shocking conditions on the estate and dozens of families living in damp, mouldy, crumbling homes with ongoing leaks.

The estate is plagued by a rodent infestation, with several residents showing us videos of mice and rats in their properties.

We are urging tenants to step forward and share their voice of concern so we can fight with you to put the wrongs, right!!

If you have damp issues within your property and are renting from Council or Housing Association the contact us now on 0800 368 9181 and start your claim today.

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