Disrepair Claims

Brighton Council tenant highlights ‘chronic disrepair’ blighting estate

A Brighton council tenant pleaded with housing chiefs to fix holes in the roof on an estate that he said had fallen into “chronic disrepair”. Michael Jenkins, of Stanmer Heights, in Hollingbury, said: “The council is the registered social landlord for Stanmer Heights.”
Mr Jenkins said that the council – as landlord – owed a duty of care to the people who lived there.

He said: “Stanmer Heights has been falling into chronic disrepair for more than 20 months.”
The problems included, he said, “holes in the roofs, cables dangling from the walls, derelict satellite dishes, an aerial down on the roof, a derelict bin in a bin area … and much more.”
And in the Gathering Place there, he said, the doors were falling off the gas meters’ cabinet.
Mr Jenkins added: “Please will the chair of the housing committee formally create an all-encompassing care plan for Stanmer Heights?”

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