Disrepair Claims

Founded in 2016, raised in Birmingham

At Disrepair Claims we truly believe in fighting for tenants rights to live a home that is fit for purpose.

Damp and Mould in a rented property? We provide individual representation for victims of housing disrepair across England and Wales.

We are Disrepair Claims

Since our inception we have gone from strength to strength, growing our team of brilliant legal minds and building an enviable reputation for winning Housing Disrepair claims.

We have built a great foundation of core values and strive to provide an exceptional standard of care to our team, our clients and our panel of solicitors.

Our Passion for justice goes above and beyond 9 to 5 to make a true positive social impact on our community.

Disrepair Claims

Disrepair Claims Online are a Claims Management Company and Our specialist panel of solicitors will collect the facts about the disrepair and consider if your landlord is in breach of their tenancy agreement.

We will then carry out an initial assessment of your case, instruct a professional surveyor to complete a report identifying repairs and request the landlord to complete repairs within an agreed time frame.

The specialist panel of solicitors will consider an injury or ill-health suffered as a result of the disrepair, along with any other losses such as damage to clothes, carpets, furniture etc.

Disrepair Claims

Why choose us?

Our specialist panel of solicitors have vast experience working in the area of Housing Disrepair Law and have been winning disrepair claims for years. 

We ensure that you the tenant have an excellent legal journey from beginning to end.

Our specialist panel of solicitors are experts in their field of housing disrepair claims and will offer you a fast and friendly service and a no-nonsense approach to your disrepair claim. 

Landlords are obliged by law to ensure the property, which they rent to you, is free from statutory disrepair.

Landlords are responsible for dealing with most of the repair problems. 

The landlord’s duty to undertake repairs is not only contained in your Tenancy Agreement but also under other areas of the Law.

Free Help

We listen to your concerns, provide solutions to your questions and action our specialist panel of solicitors to provide you with free advice on the best actions to take.

Expert Solicitors

Our team benefit from many years of experience working alongside the countries best law firms.

 The objective is to pair you with a proficient solicitor who specialises in addressing housing disrepair issues, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution to your compensation claim related to housing disrepair.

Transparent service

Solicitors specialising in disrepair claims will provide detailed explanations at every stage of your claim process, ensuring that you are fully informed about the progress and outcome of your claim.


You receive a fair and honest trial, supported by the expertise of a dedicated solicitor.

Justice is vigorously pursued on your behalf, with professional measures taken to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve and ensure the necessary repairs to your property are carried out.

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